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Registration and Checkout Instructions



1)  Select the camp session(s) above you wish to attend. These sessions will be added to your cart at checkout.

2)  Your cart will appear to the right. You can also click on the cart logo above. Verify the quantities and dates are correct.

3)  Once you ready to checkout, click "Checkout" from the cart sidebar. 

4)  When you enter the "Checkout" process, you will be prompted with the Registration Form, Medical Consent, and Liability Waiver. You must fill out the Registration Form and consent to the Waivers before registration and payment can be processed.

5)  Upon registration submission, you'll proceed to the payment page.


- If you are registering more than one camper, you need to complete the registration process for each camper.  Each camper needs to have a complete set of forms on file.

Complete registrations include Registration Form, Medical Waiver, Liability Consent, and Payment. Campers will not be able to participate until registration is complete.

- If you have any questions with the registration process please contact us:

(323) 369-1251

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